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Monk Nicolae Steinhardt

Nicolae Steinhardt was born July 12, 1912. He was jewish and mostly known for his “Happiness’ Diary”. His father was the architect and engineer Oscar Steinhardt. In 1934 he graduated from the Law and Literature School of the University of Bucharest. In the same year he published under the pseudonym of Antisthius the parody novel „The same way as Cioran, Noica, Eliade…”. He refuses to join and to agree with the communist ideas and becomes a truck driver for a food shop during the communist regime until he has a serious car accident. Following his friends’ pleads he re-enters the literary activity again. In 1980 he becomes a monk and he dies in March, 1989 before he got to witness the Romanian revolution against communism.

From The Happiness Diary: 1968

From The Happiness Diary: 1935

From The Happiness Diary: 7 March 1960

From The Happiness Diary: 3 – 4 January 1960

From The Happiness Diary: Lucerne, 1938

Nicolae Steinhardt – Wikipedia


A Good Word

Giving you shall receive

Maciej Bielawski – “Nicolae Steinhardt and his “Journal of Happiness””


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  1. Dea

    30 ianuarie 2009 at 22:31

    „Indeed I was to be released the very last day: my name begins with an S, I haven’t had any kind of wangles, I haven’t been an incurable sick man, I have been “insincere with the inquest”, I wasn’t present on their lists of squeak informers (…) and couldn’t have been counted amidst the re-educated individuals.

    But the event of my release is coming and may happen every minute now. Alone, in my little cell from Zarca, I am kneeling and making a sum.

    I went in prison blind (with vague flashes of light, not on reality, but inner ones, autogenous flashes of the dark, which split the darkness without dispelling it) and go out with my eyes wide open; I got in spoilt, pampered, I go out cured of fuss, smirks, whims; I got in discontented , and go out knowing Happiness; I got in impatient, grumpy, sensitive to trifles, and go out indifferent; little told me the sun and life, now I know to taste the thin slice of bread; I go out admiring above all the Courage, dignity, honor, heroism; I go out reconciled: with those to whom I was wrong, with my friends and my enemies, even with myself.

    I stay thus on my bended knees and thank to Christ the Lord and promise Him to do my best to behave from now on as a gentleman, cold in the face of all adversities, obstacles, discomfitures, merely blithe, always grateful for every joy, every good word which would not be curse or oath; and I rather choose death than doing clamant sins. ”

    Nicolae Steinhardt, fragment from “Happiness Diary”.

  2. sorin andreica

    24 mai 2010 at 20:41

    Acesti sfinti mai inalti decat istoria-cum zicea cineva- sunt pilonii neamului romanesc.
    cu respect

  3. Michele

    15 decembrie 2010 at 18:27

    I am trying to buy the book the book of happiness diary.
    i cant seem to be able to purchase, can you recomend where i could buy this book?

    • dea

      16 iulie 2011 at 00:50

      this book is certainly in French, you can find it on

  4. Tasha

    6 ianuarie 2011 at 13:09

    Pot sa ma simt binecuvantata de D-zeu,am avut darul de a-l avea ca duhovnic pe acest mare OM in perioada cand slujea la Manastirea Rohia…invatatura lui m-a umplut de evlavie,datorita lui l-am simtit mai aproape de mine pe D-zeu!Cine n-a apucat sa citeasca „Jurnalul fericirii” nu stie ce pierde…

    • ioan

      7 martie 2015 at 21:24

      iartama!….,parintele nicolae nu a fost niciodata preot deci cum ai putut sa il ai de duhovnic?????….

  5. Elena

    30 iulie 2011 at 05:34

    „He was Jewish and mostly known for……”

    As far as I know his mother was orthodox Romanian and not Jewish. A child who is born from a non-Jewish mother is not considered Jewish. Long time ago I was going to marry a Jewish man, however his mother opposed to our marriage saying that her grandchildren will not be Jewish.

  6. John Couretas

    31 martie 2017 at 17:27

    Greetings: Please contact me. I would like permission to reprint some of this English language material. Thank you.

    • Gabi A

      27 iunie 2017 at 22:56

      Hi, I translated maybe 25% of the book in English about 10 years ago. I’m sure the book has been translated in its entirety since. It’s a pity the Three Solutions fragment doesn’t appear in the English section, it’s on this site somewhere…


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